Seattle Things in Storage to Minnesota

A few minutes ago I made arrangements to have the things we have in storage in Seattle sent to us here in Minnesota.  I am confident that we are going to close on the Lake Elmo house.

As a matter of fact, we received an email from our real estate agent letting us know that the title company would like to close one day early — so April 28th instead of the 29th.

Lake Elmo, Minnesota House

The only picture I currently have of the house is when it was still drenched in snow. Very pretty in the winter and it’ll be very pretty in the summer with all the trees that surround it.

Things are starting to move quickly now. I’ve made a checklist for myself so that I don’t miss anything. My checklist includes:

Forwarding Mail

Arranging for internet/phone service

Changing the locks at the new house

Changing the utility bills to our name

Getting Homeowners/Car Insurance in Minnesota

Notifying banks of our address change

Hiring a cleaning person for the initial house cleaning

How exciting! After 5 1/2 months of living in an apartment and being weirded out we are finally going to have a place of our own again.



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