Seattle-International Airport

Arriving early at the airport (not unusual), I returned my rental car and proceeded to the security check-in. Unlike Minneapolis, SeaTac only has backscatter x-ray machines now so unless they are out of commission, one has to go through them or request the hand pat down. I opted for the pat down. The security guard seemed very surprised. Are you sure, he asked? Yes. You understand … blah, blah, blah. I said yes. He read me a script he had hanging around his neck. Are you still sure, he asked again. Yes I said. He called for a female agent and I stood off to the side. I inquired about my belongings because they were no longer “with” me but at the end of the x-ray belt now. He told me not to worry.

So — I waited. He asked again if I was sure. Hmmm … I wonder why he kept asking? Again, I said yes. He called a second time for a female agent.

It probably took about 10 minutes for the female agent to arrive but since I was early enough to board an earlier flight so I was not worried about time.

When the female agent arrived, she asked me to get all of my belongings off of the x-ray belt. I went to get them but felt like I didn’t have everything but couldn’t remember what I might have missed and didn’t want to cause alarm so continued back to the agent. She then started reading a script from memory. What? I said after the second line. She repeated it then continued. What? I said after the 4th line. She repeated it. She spoke so softly. I told her I was hard of hearing and she needed to speak up. In spite of that, I had to ask her to repeat herself at least 5 more times.

After reading through her memorized script she asked me if I wanted a private screening. Uh … no. I want the whole world to see me being patted down for no reason (well, I didn’t say that but that’s what I thought). I’ve seen too many people who give TSA a hard time and then get pulled aside for hours.

The female agent explained that she would “feel” my private parts up to resistance. Hmm … I’m glad I came padded for them.  HAHAHAHAHA  She also explained that my private parts would only be touched by the backside of her palm and not the palm itself. As if it really mattered …

Actually, it wasn’t too bad. Well, considering I was padded for them. I’m surprised they didn’t say anything but maybe people are normally padded in certain areas.

In gathering my things, I then noticed that I did not have my laptop bag. Oops! I looked back and it was still on the x-ray belt. I grabbed it without anyone saying anything and went my way. So much for their carefulness.

When I made it to the gate, I saw that there was an earlier flight to Minneapolis. Should I try to catch it? Then the thought came to my mind about how some people get on a different flight and the one they should have been on crashes (or the reverse). What a dilemma! Minds sure like to play tricks on people.

Being hungry and not wanting to rush to see if I could get on since this earlier flight was already boarding, I decided to stick with my original flight and feel composed instead of rushed.

I spotted a Seattle’s Best Coffee and had a cocoa with a lemon currant scone. Yum!

I am looking forward to my return to Minnesota. I have a very special person waiting for me on that side.



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