Famous Dave’s

Famous Dave’s is a restaurant that has lots of barbecued food. The portions are large.

Famous Dave's in Woodbury, MN

I ordered the boneless barbecue chicken wings and it came with mashed potatoes, corn bread, an apple compote and veggies. There were too many chicken wings and we had enough leftovers to have 2 snacks later in the week. The corn bread was absolutely delicious. There also are a few barbecue spices to choose from.

Barbecue Choices
Boneless Barbecue Chicken Wings

The other two entrees at our table were the Briskets and a Barbecued Chicken Sandwich.

Barbecued Chicken Sandwich

The “extra” napkins at the table are on a “faucet-like” holder. Quaint.

Famous Dave’s is definitely a place for meat eaters. It was a bit much for me as I don’t like to take leftovers home since sometimes they don’t get eaten. The food was average — the chicken wings tasted a little “doughy.”




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