Puerto Rico Mountains

Although I have seen hills in Puerto Rico, I had never considered that those really tall hills are actually mountains. The main one runs east to west on the island and separates the north from the south. And it gets cold! Recently the low was 41degrees Fahrenheit in one mountainous city.

A drive to the “top” gave me a reality check — this is definitely a mountain.

The cluster of houses you see below probably below to one extended family as most families live within the same area of each other.

Puerto Rico Mountain Range - Cordillera Centrral

It was not sunny when I was there but I could still see plenty of lush trees and bushes.

Puerto Rico Mountain Range - Cordillera Central

The top of this mountain is between the towns of Orocovis and Morovis. When it’s sunny, my uncle told me you can see water all around. We’ll have to go back to take a picture of that beautiful scenery.


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