Minnesota Storms

Minnesota weather is like a see-saw. I’ve seen hail, lightning, thunderstorms, high humidity and then perfectly beautiful days. I’m thankful … to be alive that is.

Last week during a 3 inch rainfall, I went outside to bail water away from the house to make sure there were no leaks that came into the basement. Our house only has 2 small gutters and the rest of the is gutterless. I’m not sure why they built it that way but they did.

When I stepped outside with my rubber boots, rain jacket and large bucket in hand, I noticed that the rain was running from the roof above the garage to the ground and then around the house where there is a large patch of rocks on the side of the house.

I quickly placed the bucket where the rain was coming down the most to stop the current and headed back inside to get the shovel. This was going to be quite a challenge as the rain was coming down faster than I could possibly bail it but, I was up for the challenge.

While shoveling the rain from the side of the house (which must have been 3 inches deep already) I heard a loud rumbling in the sky. Thunder. I hate thunder, well, unless I’m inside then  think it’s beautiful. Bending over to shovel more rain, I saw a flash of light about a foot to the right of me. I screamed but there was no one around to hear me.

I quickly ran inside the garage by the side door. I had almost been hit by lightning.

How’s that for excitement? Getting hit by lightning is not on my “Ten Top Things To Do Before I Die” list. No, my life didn’t flash before my eyes — does it ever really or is it just small bits of thoughts that pass? I’ve often wondered what that phrase menat.

Today clouds are again hovering and threatening rain but this time I think I’ll stay inside and just hope for the best. I’m ready to meet my Maker but I think I’d rather not spend more time in the grave than I need to. I’d rather just see Him in the clouds when He comes the second time.




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