Minnesota Thunderstorms

As I lay in bed, I heard the thunder and saw the lighting but rolled over to the other side as it was too early for me to care about what was happening on the outside. Unfortunately, my husband couldn’t sleep and he turned the TV on to learn that we were in the midst of a 60 mph electrical thunderstorm.

As I rubbed the sleep from my eyes at 4 a.m.-ish, I felt like I was at a 70’s disco party. Do you remember the silver ball that rotated casting shadows of light throughout the room? Or maybe you’re too young to remember John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.

Oh — but I digress.

This storm was huge and we have more to come. Today the temperatures will reach into the 90’s with high humidity. Yesterday the humidity was at 98. Very tropic-like.

I constantly look out the window at our property expecting some of our tall trees to be on the ground or at least have branches that have come off. So far though we’ve not had any problems. But later today they are expecting more wind and rain.

The ground is saturated with water and all of my outdoor projects have been put on hold for a few days. Even when the sun comes out the ground will be too wet to work in. Landscaping and bridges will have to wait.

These Midwest storms can be pretty but they are causing flooding with many downed trees and power outages. The projection for the next storm is that it could bring over an inch of rain an hour with it. I’m not sure how long our trees will be able to stand tall. Pictures of houses with trees felled on them make me wonder why our house has not had a tree topple on it yet.

Another “wait and see” day …

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