HOMI Mexican Restaurant

Found: A good Mexican restaurant. The HOMI in St. Paul, Minnesota is on University Ave W tucked away with a group of smaller businesses. When my family and I went University Ave had quite a bit of construction happening so there was no on-street parking.  The restaurant though has parking in the rear.

The restaurant is family owned and the son and stepmother were both hosts and cooks.

HOMI Restaurant, St. Paul, Minnesota

We were the only patrons there when we arrived. The restaurant seems to have a lot of “take-out” business. Because …. the food is good!

HOMI Restaurant

We started with chips and salsa and were offered (at an additional cost) fresh guacamole dip. We accepted their offer and were very pleased.

Chips with fresh Guacamole

Three people = three entrees …

I had the Torta Mexican sandwich. The breaded meat was not tough so I was happy that it was not overcooked.

Torta Sandwich 

Can you guess what the other two (2) entrees are? They are shown on the HOMI website – http://www.homirestaurant.com.

The stepmother came out a couple of times to make sure the meal was okay. They seem to take pride in the food they serve.

I would definitely recommend a trip to the HOMI Restaurant if you’d like some good Mexican food.


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