Mama’s Visit

Today didn’t go as well as I planned. My mother and aunts were supposed to arrive from Chicago at 11:05 a.m.

The day started out as usual, ie, I took my husband to work then stayed at Starbucks for a little while until it was time to go to my Bible study which started at 9:30 a.m. When I left Starbucks at 8:50 a.m. I received a phone call from my aunt in Puerto Rico. I should have ignored the call but I like talking with this aunt so I picked it up and we discussed how we thought the visit with my mama and two aunts would go.

We somehow got disconnected and I hurried to the post office, got on the highway and arrived 10 minutes late for the Bible study. I quickly took my Bible from the back of the car, grabbed my phone and muted it and headed in. The study had already started but I hadn’t missed much. I was glad I was there. I am really learning a lot at these Wednesday morning Bible studies on the Psalms and hate to miss them.

The study went overtime about 5 minutes but I wasn’t worried as the airport was only 3 miles away. I gathered my things and headed to my car. That’s when the day went downhill. I looked in my purse for my cell phone and it was not there.  I went through every compartment in my purse but to no avail. The Pastor and one of the other members drove off. I stepped outside the car and looked on the ground thinking that perhaps I had dropped it between the car and the church but I had no luck in finding it.

During the Bible study I had seen another man at the church so I rang the doorbell and knocked on the door. No answer. I kept ringing the doorbell and in my frustration I felt like crying.

I went back to my car and thought “I shouldn’t have come to the Bible study but have gone straight to the airport and been early.” Then I took stock of my situation. More than likely the cell phone was inside the church where I was seated so I probably had nothing to worry about. Besides, I hadn’t had a cell phone for many years and I lived without it. What is the big deal?

I told my Garmin to take me to the airport and when I arrived I found that parking was very easy. I even found a parking spot right next to the handicapped spaces. Running inside a man saw that I wasn’t sure where to go and he directed me. Was this my guardian angel who saw me frustrated and led me to where I should go? I hadn’t realized this blessing until I walked across the bridge, went down the escalators and there sitting in three wheelchairs were my mother and two aunts.

It was so easy. I went up to my mama, kissed her then turned to my aunts and did the same. I apologized and explained I’d lost my cell phone. But, hey! they were early too. The Southwest Airlines escort was waiting with them for their suitcases and he told me to bring the car to the door and he would escort them out.

I went back to the parking lot, paid my fee and drove up to the baggage claim door and the escort already had them waiting outside with their suitcases. Another blessing. I tipped the man as I didn’t believe he was allowed to go outside with the wheelchairs. He helped all three women in the car and put the suitcases in the car trunk. I couldn’t have asked for better service.

The drive home was eventful. The women were talkative, laughing and enjoying the “treed” scenery. I even learned a new Spanish word for forest — monte.

Pulling in to my neighborhood the women were impressed with all the trees. Upon reaching the driveway I pulled in and jokingly said “If you don’t behave you’ll have to sleep in the tree house.” They all laughed until they noticed that I actually had a tree house.  (laughing)

I knew they were hungry when my mother took a slice of bread and started eating it. We made sandwiches and sat in the screened-in porch and enjoyed the quietness of the property. Well, we enjoyed the quiet but I’m sure the neighbors were wondering what all the laughing and talking were about.

We had such a great time catching up from when I’d see them last.

They kept reminding me to pick my husband up from work (like I would have forgotten …). Arriving home with husband in tow they showered him with hugs and kisses.

We were going to have a barbecue but decided that since they were so hungry we would go out to dinner at The Olive Garden. Dinner was good — the usual Olive Garden fare. I knew there would be a problem when the bill arrived. One aunt fought for the bill but my husband won that battle. We did let my mother pay the tip because otherwise we would have been in really hot water and we didn’t want to argue about every little thing.

Afterwards we went to a store called Home Goods and they shopped and shopped. One aunt has a really hard time walking so she clung to the cart for support — they all took a cart of their own to lean on. It must not be easy to be in your 80’s.

Upon arriving home at 7ish I noticed they were tired so we sat around and watched TV until my mother said “I think I’m going to bed.” Then everyone retired for the night.

A full day for three eighty year olds (well, one is going to be 79 but healthwise she’s the worse of the three).

Day two is coming quickly. Tomorrow (or should I say today) I hunt for my cell phone and we are going to … hmmm … haven’t quite decided yet. I think I’ll pretend to be 80 and be spontaneous.

I wonder what other blessings God has in store for us.

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