It’s A …

New car!!!!

Before we moved to Minnesota, almost two years ago, we sold our second car and started the hunt for a new car here. I test drove a couple of cars shortly after arriving but we decided to wait until we bought a house. It’s hard to believe we’ve lived in our house almost 16 months. A second car wasn’t needed too much as my husband’s work isn’t that far and I didn’t mind dropping him off and picking him up.

But … in November 2011, Ford announced a smaller SUV that my husband showed much interest in. The 2013 Ford Escape was supposed to be shown at the 2012 Minneapolis show but alas! they only had the outer portion of the car there and it wasn’t on the showroom floor.

We waited patiently until we received a call in early June from our local Ford dealer, Tousley Ford, letting us know that one model had arrived that we could test drive. Although it was not the SEL with the larger engine that we wanted, we test drove it and told them were were interested in waiting to test drive the SEL or Titanium once it arrived.

Then we waited and waited. The Ford plant in Louisville, Kentucky had some damage due to a severe hailstorm in April 2012. Ford has also had three recalls in two months on the 1.6 four cylinder engine 2013 Ford Escapes. That doesn’t bode well for customers but the company has been very quick in responding to any complaints.

In July we were finally able to test drive the 2013 Ford Escape Titanium that has the 2.0 engine that we were interested in.  The car drove smoothly. It is very pretty (speaking from a female perspective). The lines on the car are quite different than the 2012 Escape which is why we wanted to wait for the newer model.

We placed our order and this week we received the call that our car had come in. It sure is a beaut!

Ford Escape SEL 2013
2013 Ford Escape SEL Side View
2013 Ford Escape SEL Rear View
2013 Ford Escape SEL Front Seats

Besides the cup holders between the driver and front passenger seats and the ones in the back, the doors also have a place to put drinks.

Cup Holders

The rear seat area has its own air flow with a place to plug in a laptop or other device.

Rear Seat Area

The back door has the “liftgate” feature that allows you to put your foot under the car and the door opens (as long as you have the key on your person).

Back Door with Liftgate

You also have the option of touching a button (on the left) to close the door or using the pull handle (on the right).

Back Door

The steering wheel allows you to touch a button so that you can “speak” to the navigation system or negotiate the radio (the speakers are fantastic!).

Steering Wheel
Back Seat Area
View from the rear
18 inch wheels

I have yet to drive the car (we took possession Wednesday night) because I want my husband to figure out how to work all the bells and whistles plus I like to take my time in getting acquainted with a new car.

I am sure looking forward to it though.

Thoughts on how it looks?



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