Afton Art In the Park

I finally fell asleep a little after 2:30 a.m. this morning and rolled out of bed around 9:30. Ugghh. I woke up a tad bit grumpy (I think hormones don’t work as well when you break your sleep pattern).

My goal was to work in the yard today but after reading the paper my husband suggested we go to the “Afton Art in the Park.” Afton is a small town a few miles from where we live. It has a vibrant downtown (unlike other small towns in Minnesota). So, off we went to the festival and I was even more grumpier then because I wanted to work in the yard. I’m so silly though. All I had to do was tell my husband I didn’t want to go and he would have been fine with it but I didn’t do that.

It was crowded when we arrived in Afton. A lot of people must have wanted to be out on this beautiful crisp Minnesota day. There were many tents set up with vendors selling everything from soap to jewelry to clothes to oil paintings.

Afton Art In the Park

A couple was playing their guitars with music reminiscent of the 60’s (well, that’s the way it sounded to me). I liked it.

Afton, Art In the Park

There were also food vendors but not too many. I stopped at one to get some kettle popcorn, walked away and when I tasted it, it tasted stale. Maybe I shouldn’t have gotten the smaller bag as most people had large bags and perhaps they were fresher, but who can eat that much kettle corn popcorn?

Vendor, Afton Art In the Park

I met a local writer and purchased his book, which he signed for me, called This Water Goes North which tells the story of 4 young men, who in the 70’s, canoed from Minnesota up to Canada. I’ll review it after I read it.

I must say that being out in the beautiful weather took my grumpiness away (good idea husband!).

We left with a few things in hand: a book, kettle popcorn, Belgium Chocolate Walnut Fudge and a sample of “natural” dish soap.

All in all a very good day. And, when we got home, my husband went out and chopped down two trees.

See? Life works itself out — we just need to learn to flow with it.

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