The New iPod Nano

I guess with time things start falling apart.

My current iPod classic is getting finicky with me as sometimes it stops playing the music I’m listening to — even while being charged on the iPod stand. It’s quite odd.

My iPod

Then it decided not to allow me to push the buttons to select a playlist or artist. Oh wait, it works now. Oh, wait, it doesn’t.  Well, you get my drift …

I’ve been having problems with it for a few months now and my husband, bless his heart, has offered me his old iPod. I’m not sure which one is worse although his doesn’t seem to have a mind of its own. The only problem with his is that the screen is “broken” and it feels like it weighs ten pounds — well, alright, a little bit of an exaggeration on the weight.

Husband’s iPod

With Apple’s recent announcement of the new iPhone 5 I checked and found that they have also updated their iPod’s. So … I have my eye on a really pretty blue iPod Nano.

In reading up on the newer Nano’s, they do quite a lot more than my current one. For instance, the Nano now has Nike support and a pedometer that’s built into it.  Cool!  It also is bluetooth enabled. Wowie zowie!

Now I need to find time to get to an Apple store to feel it in my hands and see if I really like it — in person. Can’t wait to try it out!

Click here to see the new iPod Nano.



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