Franconia Sculpture Park

Last year, on our wedding anniversary, we drove past the Franconia Sculpture Park on the way home from our getaway. This year we went for a drive in the country and stopped at the park again since they usually change the sculptures there.

The weather was absolutely beautiful with the sun shining high in the sky. It seemed like people may have thought this was our last beautiful autumn day as the road was crowded with cars and lots of motorcycles.  People were pulling over to see the changing colors on the trees. Everything looked so peaceful. Even the St. Croix River looked stunning.

St Croix River in Autumn

Parking was almost full when we arrived at the Franconia Sculpture Park but we were able to find a spot in the grassy area. The sculptures were indeed different than the last time we were here — so original and, shall I say, interesting? I didn’t realize that they had signs with the artists’ name on them until I was halfway through the park. Check these out!

Franconia Park Sculpture
Franconia Park Sculpture

 This one is made out of “fragile” crates.

Franconia Park Sculpture
Franconia Park Sculpture

Pretty interesting, eh? There are so many and I didn’t get a picture of all of them. Here’s a few more but if you’re in the area you should stop by and check them out. Seriously!

Franconia Park Sculpture

Here’s a close up of the picture above … It looks so cool!

Franconia Park Sculpture

Okay so, now I’ll show you the ones that I was able to get the artists’ name for (yes, I know, never end a sentence with a preposition ….)

Las Puertas de Orion, Sebastian (Enrique Carbajal)

Translation for Las Puertas de Orion is The Doors of Orion.

Counter Clockwork, Danielle Jenson

Hey! There’s a man in the picture! I asked him to pose for me so that I could show you the size of the sculpture.

Between You and Everything, Robin Wilburn

 The one below is one of my favorites. I guess I just like “reclaiming” things.

Reclamation, Melanie VanHouten

This next one seems appropriate for the area — farm country.

Trowell, J. Andrews Davis
Spectacle, Ryan Turley

And last, but not least …

Rudimentary Nervous System 0, Mark Lawrence Stafford

I hope my nervous doesn’t look so, well, nervous.  hehe

A nice thought provoking walk through the park.

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