Day 3, Wedding Anniversary Getaway

Sunday morning at the Canyon Road Inn — another unhurried day.

We headed upstairs to the dining room and just like the previous day, coffee and hot water for tea were waiting for us.

I have to say that our hosts were very friendly (but not “in your face” friendly). After sitting and talking with them, Patti and Hunter, the other guests arrived and we were seated at the dining room table.

Today’s breakfast was quiche, a cranberry pastry, fruit and turkey bacon. (There was also regular bacon served.)

I didn’t take any pictures so as not to interrupt the conversation that was being had around the table.  Two of the guests were in the military previously. It was nice and laid back.  And breakfast was delicious — again!

When breakfast was over, we headed back to our room and finished packing.

With hugs to Patti & Hunter, we headed on our way having decided to take our time getting home.

We drove back to Balsam Lake as we wanted to see the lake in the day time. It’s really quite a pretty lake.

Balsam Lake, Wisconsin Map

I was surprised that people still drive onto the lake for fishing and walking as the temperature had been in the 40’s the previous day.  I haven’t figured out how they determine if the lake is “frozen enough” to drive on.  I mentioned to my husband that perhaps we should try it (I thought it would make a great picture), but he was not up to the adventure.

Balsam Lake, Wisconsin

We saw this really pretty house on the lake that was for sale.

Driving through the small town, we saw the old historic Polk County Museum.

Polk County Museum, Balsam Lake, Wisconsin

Continuing our drive, we passed through a lot of farmland.

It made me sad to see a lot of dilapidated barns.  I’m sure our bad economy is taking a toll on our farmers too.

Dilapidated Barn
Dilapidated Barn in Wisconsin
Dilapidated Barn in Wisconsin

Continuing our drive, we decided to go see the St Croix Falls in Minnesota. Unfortunately, assuming these were them, they were frozen.  I’d never seen frozen falls before.  The river however was moving quite swiftly.

St Croix Falls in Minnesota

Next we meandered to Shafer, Minnesota where we saw the Franconia Sculpture Park.  Unfortunately, the ground was rather wet so we did not walk around much. Lots of, um, interesting sculptures though.

Franconia Sculpture Park, Shafer, Mn
Sculpture at Franconia Sculpture Park
Sculpture at Franconia Sculpture Park
Sculpture at Franconia Sculpture Park
Sculpture at Franconia Sculpture Park

These are just a few of the pictures I took.

Meandering, again, through the backcountry, we ran into a small quaint town called Oceola, Wisconsin.  It was break time — cocoa for me, coffee for my husband.

Driving into the town made me feel like I was in Cannon Beach, Oregon (although not on the water).  The town had an “upscale” quaint town feel to it.

Oceola, Wisconsin

We stopped into a vibrant coffee shop. There were a lot of local items one could buy.  The music they were playing was really nice.  It reminded me of being in college.  Hmmm … wonder what station and artist it is?

What a surprise!  A local artist by the name of Jake Beck was sitting there playing his guitar.  He had a wonderful crisp voice that made listening to his music soothing.  I leaned over to my husband and said “hey, you can do that.”  His response was “I don’t have a guitar.”  Then I said “It will be here soon from Seattle.”

Jake Beck invitation

This town is really lovely although I had quite a surprise as we continued driving — the downtown is only about 3-4 blocks long.  They advertise that in the summers there is live music so we’ll have to make our way over there some time.

Oceola, Wisconsin

Our weekend wedding anniversary came to an end.  There will be another — just not a 30th.

The Canyon Road Inn was the perfect place for us to go.  I think it would be a great place for a family reunion.  At least on my husband’s side since he has fewer relatives. Trails, water, great hosts — simple living.



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