The Paleolithic Diet – Day 8

Four .  Hmmmm …. wanna guess at the significance of that number? No, it’s not the temperature (although in Minnesota you might’ve been right).

It’s …. ready for it? It’s the number of pounds I’ve lost in one week on this diet. My intent was not to lose weight but to try a diet that our son happens to be trialling out. But, I’ll take the four pound loss!  Congratulations to me!!

Breakfast today was leftover food from brunch on Day 5 (the turkey hash and sweet potato fries).

For lunch, I had the rest of the leftovers above (seriously! there was enough for both meals). If you ask me if having leftovers is becoming boring, I’d have to say “it depends.” It really does depend on what the leftover is.

Dinner was really good today. We had pan seared salmon with kalamata olives and salsa cruda, grainy mustard mashed yams and steamed broccoli.

Salmon Paleolithic Dinner
Salmon Paleolithic Dinner

The salsa on the salmon was amazing! Perhaps, just perhaps, it’s because the olives are salty. And the salmon was great too. The mashed yams were okay. They tasted a bit grainy but I’m not sure why.

It’s hard to believe we’re into our second week of trialling a paleolithic diet.


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