Mama’s 87th Birthday

We headed to Chicago recently to celebrate my Mama’s 87th birthday.

What’s extraordinary about celebrations at Mama’s house is that she won’t allow us to bring any food for the meal. She wants to make it all herself and this time she outdid herself.

What does a Puerto Rican mother make herself for her birthday?

This time we were treated to bistec empanizado, pollo guisau and arroz con gandules. I can link you to some of my recipes but they pale in comparison to Mama’s cooking.

We (the children) were allowed to bring a cake though so my sister ordered a delicious pineapple cake. It was a bit heavy on the frosting (which I didn’t eat) but was good nonetheless. (Yes, I know, I know — cake is not supposed to be eaten on a paleo diet but this was my mother’s 87th birthday! I just knew you’d understand.)

Mama's Birthday Cake
Mama’s Birthday Cake

And, as usual, as I headed out the door, Mama gave me a bag of groceries. That’s my Mama for you!


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