Salmon Patties, Onion Rings and Winter Citrus Salad

It is rare when we have the same meal twice on this paleo diet that we’re trialling. The variety of recipes that we’ve tried is unbelievable.

It reminds me of a friend I have in Seattle who got married and his wife told him that she would never cook the same meal twice in a year. So, for 365 days he had a different meal every time he went home.

Isn’t that extraordinary? It takes a lot of thought and planning not to cook the same meal twice.

Today we had Salmon Patties with Onion Rings and a Winter Citrus Salad.  Yes, I know winter is technically over but the salad can be had any time of the year or whenever you can find pomegranates.

Salmon Patties, Onion Rings and Winter Citrus Salad
Salmon Patties, Onion Rings and Winter Citrus Salad

“You must not get out much,” I can hear people say, because the combination of ingredients in this salad again overwhelmed me with delight.

Oranges, pomegranate seeds, almonds, fennel … wow! And this was the first time I ever tasted pomegranates. Can you believe that???!! It’s true! Hmmm … maybe I don’t get out much. (laughing)

And I really liked the salmon patties. They were a little on the soft side — not very firm — but that didn’t affect the taste.

I didn’t expect my son to make paleo onion rings also. That was the biggest surprise to me. Granted they are baked and not fried so don’t have the same crispiness to them but they were good nonetheless. The recipe calls for almond meal instead of regular flour so the taste is a tad different but not much.

Paleo, paleo — so many new things to eat on this paleo diet.


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