Keeping Hydrated in Minnesota

The dry winters in Minnesota create problems I’m not used to — extra dry skin and dry eyes.

Staying hydrated just with water doesn’t appear to work as I drink lots and lots of water and even then, my eyes get dry and the Systane (an eye lubricant) that I use has to be used frequently. So — how does one stay hydrated in Minnesota?

I found a product for dry feet that works really really well.  It can be purchased at Bath and Body Works and is called True Blue Spa. It’s used mainly for cracked heels/dry feet. The container I purchase is 10 ounces and costs $20.00. A tad expensive, no?

True Blue Spa
True Blue Spa

I usually find a two-for-one coupon so it’s $10 instead of $20 on sale.

Other things I use that I find helpful are Aveeno (for general skin care) and Oil of Olay – Sensitive Skin (for my face).

A warm wet towel on my eyes at night is also helpful.

I can’t wait for this cold weather, that has been with us since the end of November, to go away. Last year winter lasted through April.  Bleh.

On a recent trip to Seattle, I didn’t need to use any moisturizers. Hmmm … so, I either have to visit Seattle in the winter more often or … no, I won’t say it. (laughing)

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