At The Dentist Office

I head down to the heated parking garage to start the car and take off for my dental appointment.   When the car glides over the automatic door opener, the door slowly rises and I am instantly blinded by the sun.

Between the sun and the white snow, a person almost needs sunglasses to get around in the winter.

My brain is slowly adjusting to living in Minnesota.  I recognize this on the 1/2 mile drive as I look down to see myself wearing a thin pair of leggings, a t-shirt with a not-so thick sweater over it, clogs and my “it’s warm outside” coat.  Not too bright I tell myself.  It’s in the 20’s.

Ahhh … but in Minnesota, the 20’s is warm.  I feel myself starting to puff up as I take in the thought of becoming a Minnesotan so quickly.  In mid-March it will be 4 months since I moved here.

As I pull into the parking lot, I feel anxious.  I reassure myself that it will be okay.  I’ve been to this dentist before for my 8 month cleaning.  The experts say we should go to the dentist every 6 months for a cleaning but I’ve decided that I’m my own expert.

A fitting for a new crown and a re-check of a tooth that’s been aching is what’s in store for me.  When I enter, the office manager is beaming.  This is the friendliest dental office I have been to.  I check in and sit down.  Looking around, I see that they have a play area for the children.

Dr Michael Fuller, DDS office

I pick up a magazine and thumb through it.  They’re late and I’m anxious.  I got here too early.  And I don’t like dental offices.  I’m looking for the article on “being thin in 10 days” or something to that effect.  I keep glancing at the door.  The door will open and they’ll soon call my name.

Dr. Michael Fuller, DDS, Woodbury, Mn office

It’s time.  I get up and seat myself in the dental chair.  The assistant is so pleasant.  I’ve never been to a more friendly dental office.  Dr. Fuller comes in as cheerful as the day is sunny.  He tries to work a TV remote but has no luck.  The assistant helps him and it works fine for her.  The chair tilts back and I’m lying now looking up at a mirror.

So, this is what I’ll look like in a pine box I tell myself. What a morbid thought! But the thought continues until Dr. Fuller gets my attention.  “Look at the TV” he says and “open your mouth.”  He gently puts a long silver looking tube in my mouth.  It’s a camera.  Hey!  My teeth are on TV.    Ugghhh!!!  That’s the inside of my mouth!

Dr. Fuller explains what teeth he will be working on and why.  Now it’s time for the work to begin.  I wish, I tell Dr. Fuller, that they made drills that didn’t make noise.

As I’m lying back, I groan.  “Are you okay?”  Dr. Fuller asks.  Uh huh.  What more can one say when they have a drill in their mouth.  As Dr. Fuller continues to drill to get my tooth ready for a crown, he hears me constantly moaning and says “she’s still alive, we can continue.”

“Oh,” Dr. Fuller says, I need a _________.  My mind comes back to life.  Oh?  What does that mean?  My eyes open and Dr. Fuller explains that I have a cavity that is right at the tip of the nerve and he’ll have to put a “liner” in to entice the tooth to grow back further.  Sounds easy enough.  Dr. Fuller continues his work drilling and pulling at my mouth.  I didn’t know it could stretch so far.

The drilling stops, the mold for the crown is made, a cavity is filled and I am now ready to leave.  I can barely feel the left side of my mouth but I am thankful it’s over.  “See you in two weeks and two days” I’m told.  I pay my “share” of the dental cost as I leave.  This is one dental office I can recommend

Dr. Michael Fuller, DDS

7650 Currell Blvd, Suite 200

Woodbury, Mn  55125


Once outside, I bask in the Minnesota sunshine.  My steps are light as I feel the warmth of the day on my face and think “it’s warm out here.”

Yes, I am becoming a Minnesotan.


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