Colds, Flu and Exercise at Snap

Day 8 of a cold/flu that started with deep chest coughing and has headed into my sinuses causing bloody noses. Originally I was so confident that this was only going to last a couple days.  What’s a little tickle in the throat?

A month earlier I had joined a gym called Snap. I had gone to the doctor to get clearance since my blood pressure has been a little higher than normal since moving to Minnesota (probably from all the winter hibernation and lack of movement). The doctor said “that sounds good just go slow.”

So after I left her office I dropped into this small gym. The owner, Bob, was really nice and the following day I went through “basic training” on the equipment. I started nice and slow like my doctor said.

Week one – I did the equipment cycle 3 times a week and walked on the treadmill. One 20 minute mile each day.

Week two – Equipment cycle and the treadmill for 1.5 miles a day.

Week three – Equipment cycle 3 times a week and the treadmill for  1.75 miles a day.

Week four – days 1 and 2, Equipment cycle 1x and the treadmill for 2 miles

Then — everything stopped. This cold/flu/virus – whatever one wants to call it — had me so tired that I spent 3 days at home in bed without going out.

I have to say, that when I returned to the doctor for my blood pressure follow-up after 3 weeks of going to the gym, my blood pressure had lowered.  The numbers were staggering. 20 points less on the systolic and my diastolic was in the 70’s. It had been in the 90’s for quite a few years.

And — I had lost 3 pounds.

I so much want to get back to my training but have to wait until my body fully recuperates until I do.  I feel like this week I’ve regressed and I haven’t done anything different.

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