Sunfish Lake Park

Recently my husband and I decided to explore another park in Lake Elmo — the Sunfish Lake Park.

This park has approximately 284 acres of land and 9 miles of trails.

It was so peaceful when we went as we only saw one other couple there. Autumn is just about over and the trees are bare now — except for the evergreens.

Sun Fish Lake, Lake Elmo, MN

As we entered the trail we were met with a leaf laden path.

Autumn, Sunfish Lake Park

Further down the path we could see a small part of the lake. Our Minnesota drought this year has affected the lake as it could barely be seen as the water was pretty low.

Sunfish Lake, Lake Elmo

The air was still and not a sound could be heard except for the rustle of leaves beneath our feet. Further ahead, we saw a beaver house.

Beaver House

As my mind wondered about the possibility of seeing a beaver, my husband pulled my sleeve and said “Look.” And there he (she?) was. He was not moving much but standing in one spot as if chewing on something.


It is rare for me to see such a beautiful sight and when I do I feel giddy. I don’t want to move from the spot I’m in for fear that nature’s beauty will slip away. Further down the trail we saw more beaver houses and throughout the park they also had bird houses in various places.

Beaver Houses on Sunfish Lake

There is something magical about walking through a park and having nothing but silence. My head clears itself of all of life’s busyness and just “settles” into a blank state of simple enjoyment.

Autumn Trees

Even in dead trees life can be found just as hope lies waiting for lives that are mangled by life.

Mushrooms on Tree

It is good to pause in life and allow the beauty of nature to fill one’s senses. Breathe. Breathe.

I must return here in winter when the cold of snow lies on the ground and the landscape looks white. There will probably be more people though as the park is used for cross country skiing also.

Hmmm … perhaps that’s something I should try.



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