A Cooking Tip

There are many times when I have to boil potatoes and I normally follow the same course of events:

  • Fill the pot with water
  • Add the potatoes
  • Watch the pot to make sure the water doesn’t boil over onto the stovetop
  • Boil the potatoes until a fork pricked through one of the larger pieces goes through easily

Sound familiar? This past weekend, I learned something new as I watched my sister make potato salad. She followed the same basic steps except she wasn’t watching her pot to make sure the water didn’t boil over. So, I did.

It suddenly dawned on me that she had a wooden spoon lying across the pot. I guess that’s a good place to put the spoon so you don’t have to use a spoon rest.

Boiling Pot

My sister thought it curious that I was sitting watching the pot and informed me that I didn’t have to watch it as the water wasn’t going to boil over. What? I asked.

“The water is not going to boil over because the wooden spoon won’t allow it to,” she said.

Yeah, right, I thought. So I continued watching. And continued watching. And continued watching. And the water did not boil over.

Pretty interesting, eh? Or am I the only one who didn’t know about this cooking tip?

Are there any other tips any of you know of that seem “unbelievable” but work perfectly?

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