A Paleolithic Diet – Day 2

So here we are on day two of this new diet and although the first day was only dinner, today there were 3 meals that can be considered paleolithic.

For breakfast, I had a turkey, hmmm, what to call it? The ground turkey basically had added spices to it and then left in the refrigerator so that all I had to do was  cook it through. It was pretty simple and very filling. I had one over easy egg and a banana with it also. (Again, the recipe was tweaked so if  you don’t like turkey you can use something else.)

Paleolithic Breakfast, Ground turkey with spices, one egg over easy and a banana
Paleolithic Breakfast, Ground turkey with spices, one egg over easy and a banana

Lunch was easier since I normally don’t have a large lunch anyway (I like to have popcorn but corn is not allowed on this diet). So, I decided to have a homemade pumpkin and apple muffin with pistachio nuts (normally they should be unsalted but I have to finish these off) and an orange. I also had a 1/2 glass of almond milk.

I have to say, this muffin was very very moist. I could eat them every morning!

We are allowed snacks on this diet (the muffin could be considered a snack). But I had one deviled egg for a snack before dinner (that’s half an egg) since I wasn’t starving to death.

Deviled Eggs
Deviled Eggs

The diet prefers you use homemade mayonnaise or none at all, but the recipe called for 2 tablespoons mayonnaise and that’s what was used.

Lastly was dinner which was sauteed orange chicken with ginger. This came out really really moist! We also had caramelized onions with broccoli on the side. And I just had to have another pumpin and apple muffin.

Paleolithic Dinner, Sauteed Orange Chicken with Ginger
Paleolithic Dinner, Sauteed Orange Chicken with Ginger

I did have a half glass of Bolthouse Farms Berry Boost (no added sugar).

Overall, it was a splendid day! No starvation or hunger pangs yet. I did (for a teensy weensy moment) crave some bread to have with the chicken but the feeling was fleeting.  (laughing)

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