A Paleolithic Diet – Day 3

While I was driving around doing errands, a thought crossed my mind. “What a beautiful crisp sunny day. Maybe I should buy myself a hot chocolate.” Uh, no. Hot chocolate is not allowed on this diet because of the sugar content. Grrr …

Oh but back to day 3. Okay, so, today for breakfast I had the same turkey mixture as yesterday with a pumpkin and apple muffin and some grapes. (See Day 2 for recipes) It was nice to have leftovers so no additional work had to be done.

I got home quite late for lunch so ate 1.5 deviled eggs and some sunflower seeds. (Again, no pics because I have the pics and recipe on Day 2.)

Now here comes dinner — beef brisket with sweet potato (made with coconut milk) and stir fried mushrooms (with carrots and sauteed onions).

Beef brisket with mashed sweet potato and carrot salad
Beef brisket with mashed sweet potato and carrot salad

I don’t believe I’ve ever had beef brisket before. For some reason I thought it would be more tender but my husband said it came out exactly like it was supposed to (it’s not beef stew, ya know?)

After day 3 I’m still not having major cravings for bread or sweet “things.”


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