La Cocinita Mexican Restaurant

Not too far from Lake Elmo, tucked away near the St. Croix River, is a small town called Bayport.

My husband decided to find a new restaurant and, because he’s a Mexican food lover, he chose this place.  No — it is absolutely not paleo. No where near — not even a hint of paleo. Remove the word paleo from your brain.  This is more than a “cheat” — this is Mexican food.

The restaurant is small on the inside and I  imagine it can be quite noisy when it’s full of people. There was only one other couple there when we arrived.

The sign on the outside said they were looking to hire a bus “person,” waitress and dishwasher. In spite of that, we were greeted and served right away.

They serve chips and salsa — the salsa was really good but you have to pay for more than one bowl (not that we needed or wanted more than one).

The food was — well, to be frank, it was quite cheesy.  I ordered the White Sauce Enchilada and it had more cheese than anything else.  Too much cheese and I was a cheese lover before paleo entered my life.

I had to order the black beans instead of the refried beans because the refried beans are made in lard (ugh!).  Not having had beans in ages, I didn’t like them but that could be because my taste buds have changed.

Here’s a picture of my meal –

La Cocinita Mexican Restaurant
La Cocinita Mexican Restaurant

So — we won’t be heading back to La Cocinita.  We’ll have to find a simpler “cheat” for our paleo palettes.




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