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It’s The Knee

Recently, I decided to use a Christmas gift that was given to me, uh, 2 Christmases ago. Yeah, I know, I know. I just wasn’t ready for it.

The gift is a Timex “watch” that measures your heart rate and allows you to stay in the correct heart rate “zone” so you can exercise in the range you want to be in.

I hadn’t been able to figure out how to work it so my ever handy logical husband figured it out and explained it to me. Ever feel really dense when something is a lot easier than you thought?  Yeah, yeah …

So, it was finally THE day.  I put on the heart monitor and started the timer for 15 minutes. Since it was a little icy outside I decided I would “train” (I’m really using the word loosely here) indoors.

I came up with an idea ~ I would go up and down one stair step until I reached my target heart rate and then walk around the house marching until I reached the lower part of the range, then back to the step until my heart rate went back up. Easy enough, no?

After 15 minutes I felt great! This was going to be easy, I said to myself.

The next morning I woke up and my right knee was bothering me. How odd. My left knee felt fine.

As the day progressed my right knee was having increased pain. Later in the evening I decided to take a nice hot bath. That would “soothe” the knee for sure. (Have you ever been so sure about something and then been so wrong? ~ sigh)

That night I went to bed and tossed and turned because I couldn’t get my knee in a position where it wasn’t in pain. So, I headed downstairs to the comfortable sofa in the family room where I tossed and turned til 4 a.m. (Any sympathy for me yet?)

The next morning I woke up and decided I would not go to church but would instead ice my knee every hour on the hour, keep it elevated and see what happened.

By the end of the day, I had a bump on the knee that was fluid-filled on the right side about an inch from the knee bone (I’m sure there’s a medical term for that bone but let’s just call it a knee bone for right now, okay?).

I slept a little better Saturday but was still in a lot of pain on Sunday.

The thought of going to the doctor on Monday crossed my mind. No, I told myself. I am NOT going to the doctor as it will go away by itself.

I spent a couple more days limping and decided to go see my chiropractor instead. He’s cheaper than the doctor and has a machine called a PEMF 4000 that they use on athletes to get them back on the playing field.

Sure enough, after two treatments on this machine my knee was pretty much back to normal.  Here is what it looks like ~

PEMF 4000

PEMF 4000

The “procedure” is simple and painless ~ you simply sit in a chair, they take wires from the inside of the machine and just lay them on the knee and start the machine.

PEMF 4000

PEMF 4000

The machine makes a clicking sound but there is absolutely no pain associated with it ~ none, nada. Did I mention that there is NO pain when they use this machine? It’s amazing. You simply feel a pulsing that comes from an electromagnetic field. (Click here to read more.) No, I don’t own one of these machines nor do I have stock in it. It simply worked ~ for me.

So, I thought I’d share that with you. Just in case you have pain that hasn’t gone away yet. Perhaps there’s a chiropractor in your area that can help you out also.

Sure beats having to use a cane (my 90 year old neighbor loaned me one of his) ~



Even if they work very well …

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