Feeling Loved

A couple times a year we try to spend a whole weekend with the grandkids.

Normally we drop in for a half day on the way to see my mother and traveling on a Friday evening and returning Sunday afternoon takes a toll on this middle-aged body as we drive anywhere from 5-7 hours each time.

This last time we drove to see these four precious children, I alerted our daughter of the approximate time we would be there.  Normally I do that when we’re about an hour away.

This time, we checked into our hotel first to give her time to pick them up from school and get ourselves settled in early.

So ~ it brought tears to my eyes when she took a picture of the anticipation they had waiting for us.

Grandkids waiting for Grandparents
Grandkids waiting for Grandparents

It’s been awhile since we’ve had our own children jump up and down waiting for us to get home.

Knowing that our grandkids actually want to see us and enjoy our visits … well, that’s a very special kind of love.

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