Paleo Turkey Curry

After Thanksgiving, turkey goes on sale and is very very cheap (cost-wise).

So it was that we purchased a large turkey breast that we baked and then, as often happens with turkey, we had a lot of leftovers.

I was fortunate to find this paleo Turkey Curry at the Well Fed website that tastes just wonderful and will be on my favorites list.

I was very very reluctant to add the unsweetened applesauce to the mixture though. I mean, who adds applesauce to a curry, right?

Well, I was wrong.  The applesauce, along with the raisins, gave it a little bit of sweetness but not enough to be noticed. So, if/when you try this recipe, ADD THE APPLESAUCE. Don’t be afraid to try something new ~ that should be the motto of life, well, sometimes.

I served this with baked squash and a little bit of aged parmesan cheese.  (Yeah, yeah, I know, not the best picture …)

Taj Mahal Turkey Curry
Taj Mahal Turkey Curry

This is the first time I’ve tried a recipe from Melissa at Well Fed but I think I’ll head over there and see what else I can find.  I’d invite you to do the same.

For more paleo recipes, click here.



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