My First Tied Quilt

A year ago I decided to make a twin “scrappy” quilt (a quilt made from leftover fabric from other quilts).

Then I decided to veer into uncharted territory ~ instead of sending it to a longarm quilter, I decided to “tie” it. I had never tied a quilt before in my life so was really hesitant. It took some time but I finished it, put the binding on then put it in my closet.

Why? Because I was afraid that the “tying” wouldn’t hold if I washed it. There was no reason for me to have this fear as thousands of quilters tie their quilts. But in the closet in stayed … until last week when I took it out of the closet, looked it over and washed it today. And ya know what? The tying held perfectly.

My fear was for naught.

Isn’t that how many things in life are? We procrastinate because we’re not sure how things will turn out til we finally take the plunge and all is well.

I was so elated when I took it out of the dryer and a soft tied quilt greeted me.

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