A Child’s Rainbow Quilt

During Christmas, our son and his family surprised us with a visit.

Our 4 year old granddaughter wanted me to show her how the sewing machine worked so we sat and played around with it til it was time for them to leave.

Then she looks at me and asks if I could make her a rainbow quilt. I told her I would but wasn’t sure exactly what size to make.

My son assured me it wouldn’t matter so I set out to purchase some “rainbow” fabric. I made the front out of one piece of fabric but added some red strips to break up the pattern. I made the back with the Kona Cotton – New Bright Palette Roll Up.

It worked out quite well. The palette roll up has different gradations of color that makes for a beautiful backing.

My granddaughter was pleased with the quilt but said it was too large. I offered to bring it home and shorten it but she did not want to part with it.

Although the quilt was smaller than a napping quilting and bigger than a crib quilt, I think it will “grow” on her.

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